Omni Beach Life and OBL Swimwear Sustainability Partnership with 4OCEAN


Sustainability is a core pillar of the values at Omni Beach Life. For OBL, the beach and oceans aren't destinations, they are a lifestyle. Founder and Chief Designer of OBL Swimwear, Dean Richards says "If we want to live the Omni Beach life, we must sustain the Omni Beach life."  Through their partnership with 4 Oceans, Omni Beach Life removes 200 pounds of plastic and waste from our oceans each month.

“When my friend and I first started this company, we were just two surfers trying to clean the ocean. We never imagined that our scrappy little startup would become a global cleanup operation that recovers millions of pounds of trash from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines every year.

But we did it like we’ve always done it… one pound of trash at a time.

Alex Schulze
Co-Founder + CEO


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