Omni Beach Life and OBL Swimwear Reaffirm Commitment to Empowering Women


Omni Beach Life Founder and OBL Swimwear Chief Designer Dean Richards explained to Miami Living Magazine the Brand's commitment to empowering women.  He illustrated how the self-empowerment of women is core to his vision of designing swimwear that gives women the confidence and carefree spirit for which the Brazilian beach lifestyle, and the women who live it, are renowned.  

The Brazilian-American brand Omni Beach Life invites us to embrace the sun-soaked, carefree spirit of the exotic Brazilian shores and dive into the freedom of the fun, fit and fashionable beach lifestyle for which OBL designs are intended.  Their bold colors, cheeky cut-outs and barely-there string bikinis are designed to empower women with confidence and femininity; to feel radiant, fearless and alive.

"Self-empowerment is the essence of all artistic creation.  To be one's self.  To express one's self. judgement...not on command...not for the benefit of others.  For the sole purpose of releasing that which is locked inside.  Just as there is no limit to the grains of sand on the beach; the drops of water in the ocean, there is no limit to the souls moved by a truly empowered woman." - Dean Richards, Founder and Chief Designer, OBL Swimwear

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