Peixoto Women's Swimwear

Peixoto stands for nostalgia and classic beauty. It is an ode to a time when women carried themselves in a way that captivated men in a subtle and delicate manner, leaving things up to the imagination. This sensual form of interaction is what Peixoto is all about: seducing through mystery, sophistication and elegance.

Born in Colombia and raised abroad, Mauricio Esquenazi currently resides between New York City and Miami.  The sun and water are his creative starting points and have given way to fresh and delicate Peixoto designs.

The name Peixoto [pay-show-toe] is a play on the Portuguese word peix, meaning “fish”.  An apt inspiration for Peixoto’s fashion aesthetics—evoking elegance and sophistication, combined with the element of water, resulting in striking designs with tremendous sex appeal.

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