Ipanema Women`s Flip Flops Bolero II Beige / Black 4" Platform Wedge Sandals

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Step it up in this 4 inch heel Ipanema Bolero II Platform Wedge Sandal in style and comfort!  Beige base with beige footbed and sole.  Beige Base is slightly sparkly on the sides.  Stylish smooth comfortable solid black strap and raised logo.  A super cushioned footbed hugs and holds onto your foot with a suede-like texture.  Stylish, sexy and very comfortable.

  • Beige slightly sparkly base with solid beige foot bed and sole on a 4 inch platform wedge heel with ultra comfortable and cushioned foot bed with a suede-like texture.
  • Stylish smooth comfortable solid black straps are accented with  a raised metallic logo.