Bersuse Beach Towels

Omni Beach Life is proud to represent Bersuse towels and to offer you the highest quality Turkish beach towels compatible with the Omni Beach Life.


Quality and Functionality


Bersuse towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton with high standards of production.  They are very durable with a size ideal for the beach or pool.  While sizes differ slightly by model, most Bersuse towels measure 71" by 39".  These towels are highly absorbent and quick dry.  They have a soft, smooth comfortable touch and are very lightweight, with most towels weighing only 11 ounces. 


Design and Style


Bersuse towels come in a variety of models.  The artisan designs are exotic and unique and meet your high standards for fashion, beauty and originality.




Bersuse towels are eco-friendly products made with no harmful chemicals or dyes which can be harmful to the environment. 


Social Responsibility


Bersuse Towels is a family owned company.  The owners have triplets who were born prematurely and with health issues.  One of the objectives of the company is to give back to the community to save newborn children and 10% of net proceeds from sales are donated to foundations for the cure and care of premature and multiple births.


We think you will love the style, beauty, comfort and functionality of Bersuse Towels just as we do!  They also make affordable, luxurious gifts.  Please enjoy our gallery of Bersuse towels, and enjoy the Omni Beach Life!

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