Mindful Masks Stylish Men`s and Women`s Protective Masks

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Mindful Masks

We want to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We have partnered with UjENA Swimwear to provid Mindful Face Masks - High Quality Friendly Masks.    One thing which many are saying will help is to wear a face mask while out in public or at work. 
Our masks fit over the lower half of the face and around your ears making it easy to put on and take off.   The materials used are made from high quality four way stretch fabric with a thread count of 200 g/m, well above the recommended level of 180.   Each mask has two layers of breathable material including a pocket for a removable molded cup (included) for added protection. 
These masks are not meant for medical personnel.  They are made for the general public.  Our masks are comfortable and will serve as a protective barrier against the Coronavirus.   They are washable and we recommend doing this regularly. 
  Men's style is curved up at the nose and the women's have a small gather at the nose and chin with both looping around the ears.  Be safe everyone. 
All masks are hand made in UjENA factories (our partner) which we make sure are safe at all times.
Available in Men`s and Women`s styles
Please note: The style of the print will vary depending on demand from our customers and friends and the supply of material, so we do not guarantee that a specific print will be available for your mask